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97 Degrees And It’s Spring (Paraguayan Weather)
September 29, 2011, 9:56 am
Filed under: Paraguay

Paraguay has unusually bipolar weather. During the winter (May- August), there would be a slew of 40 degree days (and since houses aren’t insulated against the cold, I spent many a night in two pairs of pants, my sweatshirt and fleece jacket, and my scarf and hat all the while huddled under two pairs of blankets). Then in an extreme shift, it would suddenly be 85 degrees for the weekend (break out the shorts and turn on the fan)- we’re talking a literal 45 degree change in weather in one day.

Now that springtime is upon us in Paraguay, the temperatures are still playing their old bipolar games, but with higher weather. The end of this weekend saw 60 degrees and thunderstorms, and now today it is a whopping 97 degrees. But not to fear- on Saturday it will drop down to 80.

I haven’t yet experienced a Paraguayan summer, but I’ve been told you aren’t a real Peace Corps Volunteer until you experience it- with summer highs at around 120 degrees, it’s no wonder that most Volunteers tell me they spend their summers in the shade drinking tereré. I don’t blame them- if this is only the spring, have mercy on me summer!

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