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What Every Day In the Peace Corps Should Look Like
January 21, 2012, 5:37 pm
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So I haven’t loaded pictures on my blog for a long, long time. The reason is because my camera cord to my computer broke in October, and I had to wait to get my spare one when I was back in the United States for Christmas. I have a lot of back-logged pictures, so there will be a few posts coming up showcasing the last couple of months!

But for this post, I’d rather focus on a more recent event this past week: for the first time, I traveled with my cooperative to an extremely rural village two hours outside of our city! I’m going to start working with the production team to teach farmers who take out loans how to invest wisely in their businesses, rather than buying consumer items like TVs or flashier cell phones. This is a great development for me, and so I was really excited to go on my first big trip with them, just to meet some farmers and learn about the process. The particular trip we went on were to meet a couple of farmers that had an organic cotton export business through the cooperative.

It was an amazing experience- trekking through the woods and fields of corn, mandioca (Paraguay’s staple starch food), sesame, and cotton, meeting with two farmers to update their organic certification, and of course a tereré session followed by a lunch of chicken and pineapple juice. Check out some of the photos below! Just another beautiful day in Paraguay.

Lemon tree

Me in the forest

Trekking through farmer’s fields

My colleagues from the cooperative- Roberto on the left-hand side works in the micro-credit department, and Luis on the right-hand side works in the production department. Both goofballs and a lot of fun.

Checking on the cotton production to make sure it’s certified organic!

Watermelon! Or Sandia in Spanish. One of the many treasures of Summer in Paraguay.

A farmer friend and member of the cooperative picks peanuts.

This guy has 13 kids! Here’s one of his eldest, who also works in the fields with him.

All farmers, friends, and members of the cooperative.

Luis checks out mandioca plants.

Field of mandioca

Another hot day in Paraguay! Sun’s beatin’ down.

Meeting with another local farmer. Here he is signing a contract stating he’s growing his cotton organically. Soon he’ll be getting his certification certificate, which is updated yearly.

Photo opp for the Ycua Bolaños Cooperative

These baby ducks saved my life! They ate all of the horse flies around the area so they couldn’t bite my legs.

Plus, they’re just so cute- how could you not resist?

On the 2 hour drive back to Caazapá we snapped a picture of an ancient train station at Maciel, a little town outside of the city.


I wish all of my days in Paraguay were like this! I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot more of them once we design the education aspect to the loans. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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