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Deep breaths.
May 1, 2012, 4:18 pm
Filed under: Paraguay

Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and wonder what the hell you’re doing halfway across the world from your friends, family, and culture.

It’s 55 degrees outside, and feels like 20 degrees colder in your house. Wearing warm clothes, drinking tea, and hugging your hot water bottle to your chest doesn’t help. Regardless that you have every single window open 24/7 (just making your house colder) so that the damn mold won’t grow anymore in your house, yep- the mold still grew. You’re invited to a barbaque for Paraguayan labor day, but walking an hour to get there and an hour to get back because you aren’t allowed to ride on someone else’s motorcycle, isn’t too appealing with the weather. You decide to try making burritos completely from scratch- maybe that will cheer you up! It takes four hours to chop everything, sauteé it, make a sauce, and then you utterly fail at making tortillas from scratch, sort of ruining the whole process- oh, and every single inch of your house is now covered in flour. Time to spend an hour washing all of your dishes from your failed cooking experiment! Dogs wander in and out of your house, and your slipper mysteriously goes missing. Come to think of it, you  suddenly realize that your favorite pants, bra, and expensive ao’poi Paraguayan shirt you recently bought, have been missing for the past month.

Sometimes the combination of all of these little materialistic things we take so for granted in the United States- insulated housing, indoor heating, a mold-free house (or at least a landlord who will take care of the situation), a dishwasher, hot water, healthy and nutritious food & pre-packaged goods that take 20 minutes to cook, driving or public transportation- it all rolls together into one huge frustration and you just want to scream at it. When you are sitting inside your house and can see your breath rise into the air, it’s hard not to think ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE?!’

But then you walk outside for a second, perhaps to scream at the sky, but instead you take a few deep breaths. Look around. Dirt roads. Roosters. Stray dogs. Reggaeton blasting from three houses. Oh, that’s right- I’m living in Paraguay. I’m living in South America. I’m speaking a completely different language. I’m teaching business. I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer.

It doesn’t look so bad from out here after all.

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