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The Difference Between A Friend And A Paraguayan Friend
May 25, 2012, 1:32 am
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This evening I came across a beautifully written sort of sonnet posted on Facebook by one of my Paraguayan friends. I wanted to share it on my blog, because the truth is, most Paraguayans I’ve met are some of the nicest, most caring and generous people I’ve ever known in my life. It’s a sonnet written with a mix of Spanish and Guaraní (more commonly known as Jopará), and it sounds sweeter in the language it was intended- but for this purpose I’ve translated it after the Jopará version. You can read both below. Enjoy!

(Esta noche encontré un escrito hermoso en el face de unas de mis amigas Paraguayas. Yo quería compartir en mi sitio web, porque la verdad es, la mayoría de los Paraguayos yo encontré aca son demasiado amable, cariñoso y generoso personas conocía en mi vida. Es un escrito de Castellano y Guaraní, y es más dulce en esta forma- pero ya tradujé en inglés también. ¡Disfrutas!)

La Diferencia Entre Un Amigo Y Un Amigo Paraguayo:

Un amigo es alguien que nunca te pide comida.
Un amigo paraguayo es la razón por la que organizas una comida.

Un amigo te pregunta ¿cómo estás?
Un amigo paraguayo te dice mbae teco pio che ra’a y te abraza.

Un amigo llama a tus padres señor y señora.
Un amigo paraguayo llama a tus padres “che ru, che sy.”

Un amigo puede que nunca te haya visto llorar.
Un amigo paraguayo ha llorado contigo, por cualquier cosa.

Un amigo te manda flores y una tarjeta cuando estás internado en el hospital.
Un amigo paraguayo se queda a dormir en una silla, a tu lado.

Un amigo te pide algo prestado y te lo devuelve a los dos días.
Un amigo paraguayo te pide algo prestado y a la semana se olvida que no es suyo.

Un amigo te ofrece el sofá para que duermas.
Un amigo paraguayo te brinda su cama, se acuesta en el suelo… y no te deja dormir en toooooda la noche conversando contigo.

Un amigo sabe unas cuantas cosas acerca de ti.
Un amigo paraguayo podría escribir un libro con las cosas que le has contado de ti.

Un amigo te lleva Geniol cuando estás resfriado.
Un amigo paraguayo te hace una sopa de pollo y los remedios que le enseñó su abuela. Y puede que hasta te haga ‘el avión’ con la cuchara, para que te tomes la sopa.

Un amigo toca a tu puerta para que le abras.
Un amigo paraguayo abre la puerta, entra y después te dice: ¡Llegué!

Un amigo te pide que le hagas un tereré.
Un amigo paraguayo pasa a la cocina, arma el tereré, pone el agua, hielo, pohã ro’ysa y te lo ofrece.

Un amigo puede serlo por un tiempo.
Un amigo paraguayo es para toda la vida.

The Difference Between a Friend and a Paraguayan Friend (Translated into English):

A friend is someone who never asks you for a meal
A Paraguayan friend is the reason why you make a meal.

A friend will ask you, ‘How are you?’
A Paraguayan friend will say ‘What’s up my friend?’ and hug you.

A friend calls your parents Mister and Missus.
A Paraguayan friend calls your parents ‘My father, my mother.’

A friend is someone that you may never be able to cry in front of.
A Paraguayan friend is someone that will cry with you.

A friend will send you flowers and a card when you’re in the hospital.
A Paraguayan friend will sleep in a chair next to your bed.

A friend will let you borrow something and ask for it back in two days.
A Paraguayan friend will let you borrow something and forget in a week it’s theirs.

A friend will offer you a sofa to sleep on.
A Paraguayan friend will give you their bed, sleep on the floor…. and will spend all night talking to you!

A friend knows some things about you.
A Paraguayan friend can write a book about your secrets.

A friend will bring you medication when you have a cold.
A Paraguayan friend will make you chicken soup with special ingredients her grandmother taught her- and maybe even feed you with the spoon.

A friend will knock on your door and wait for you to open it.
A Paraguayan friend will open your door, enter and say ‘I’m here!’

A friend will ask you to make tereré.
A Paraguayan friend will go to the kitchen for water, ice, and herbs, and offer tereré to you.

A friend can be there for a moment in time.
A Paraguayan friend is for life.

My Paraguayan sister and mother.
Mi hermanita y madre Paraguaya.
Che ermana ha che sy Paraguaya.

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Thanks for posting the sonnet Brittany. I’m on my way to the states for a vacation and feeling a little homesick for my community and Paraguayan friends. You almost have me tearing up durring my layover!

Comment by Fiona Martin

Awww, so glad you liked it! Have an incredible time on vacation and Paraguay will be here when you get back!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

So lovely – thank you for sharing it! : ) Can’t wait to meet the friendly people of Paraguay and experience this sonnet first-hand!

Comment by Aleks Hulisz

Thank you for posting….99% of is true! the 1% per cent is that the Paraguayan friend will give you his/her bed sleep on the floor and just annoy the heck out of you all night long! JA!

Comment by Carlos Roman

How can I share this on FB? may I have your permission to?

Comment by Carlos Roman

Sure! I got it originally from Facebook so you are welcome to. For sharing, I guess just copy/paste. Enjoy!

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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Comment by Blondell

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