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Greece, Part 2: Athens
June 24, 2012, 11:58 am
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Continuing from my previous post about my fabulous trip to Greece with my family, our second leg of our vacation was to Athens!

Athens fascinated me. As a child, I used to obsessively read Ancient Greek mythology, so it was such a treat to be in the capital. During our stay in Athens, we toured the ever-famous Acropolis (one of the finalists for the new 7 wonders of the world), Parthenon, and walked around Plaka, a famous street that sells all kinds of Greek merchandise and souvenirs. We took a day trip out of the city and saw the beautiful canal of Corinth, an ancient open amphitheater in Epidaurus, and ate lunch in the old capital of Nafplio. I also had the opportunity to walk around the city alone, and I found it to be totally charming. Though Athens is a city of nearly 4 million people, there were parts of it that were quaint, quiet, and enchanting.

I really enjoyed our time in Athens, and I loved the city. Definitely a place I would enjoy living in the future, or at least coming back to for awhile!

Check out some great pictures of our trip to Athens below.

My cousins Elise and Ethan

An ancient open-air amphitheater right by the Acropolis. 

Ancient stone pillars

A view of the city of Athens from the tallest point in the city.


The Greek flag

My sisters Hillary and Kate at Parthenon

My Uncle Mike, Elise, and Ethan

My parents in front of Parthenon! Their dream come true.

Walking to Plaka

The canal of Corinth

The open-air amphitheater at Epiduarus

Sitting at the top

Legend says that the acoustics are so incredible that if someone dropped a coin on the stage, the entire theater could hear it. We tested it- it’s true!

The stage at the amphitheater.

Orators and actors stood on this stone while talking, sending a reverberating effect around the entire theater. 

The Boroian clan at Epidaurus!

Lunch at Nafplio, overlooking Bourtzi, originally a fortress against attackers, then a prison, afterwards a hotel- and finally, a tourist attraction. 

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of Athens! Stay tuned for the most incredible pictures yet and our last and final leg of the trip- the island of Santorini!

Much love,


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Hope you enjoyed a little bit of Athens! Stay tuned for the most incredible pictures yet and our last and final leg of the trip- the island of Santorini.i went to see all pictur is very imaging.

Comment by oliva

[…] from my two previous posts about Greece (Mykonos and Athens), my family’s last leg of our vacation in Greece was to Santorini. Santorini was the best […]

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Fabulous pictures ! Thanks for sharing these. It is so great that you were able to bond with your families.

Comment by Gramps

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