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September 16, 2012, 5:18 pm
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Okay, I have to admit it: for the first time in the past four years of my travels, I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon. My posts have become less and less frequent: I used to post once every few days. Then it became once a week, then once every two weeks- and now, I post about once a month.

My best excuse for this is that a lot of my blogging over the past few years has been about new sights and different experiences. However, I’ve now been living in Paraguay for a year. My life here doesn’t feel ‘new’ here anymore: in fact, I feel very comfortable and settled in a routine. Things that still might feel jarring to you, the reader, are now regular everyday events of my life. What used to be so bizarre and abnormal to me are now very normal. I am becoming more and more Paraguayan every day. And I can’t lie: I like it. I love Paraguay, and I am so grateful for this experience.

My secondary excuse? I’ve been crazy busy. Projects have been popping up all over Caazapá, and I can’t keep up with it. Add that with planning for a national business case competition, a long and tedious application to a Fulbright Research Grant in India (surprise! more details on that later) which is due in two weeks, and an inopportune (yet wonderful) sudden social life in my community, it has all made my life pretty much impossible! I constantly have a never-ending ‘to-do’ list, perpetual weeks worth of laundry, and so many Word documents open on my computer that sometimes I get lost under it all. It can be easy to keep putting off those secondary things like ‘blogging about my life,’ or ‘eating.’

And finally, my third excuse? My camera broke, and I didn’t get it fixed for about 5 months. I haven’t had any good pictures to show of my experiences, and pictures are pretty essential for a blog.

Regardless of these excuses, I still feel guilty about not writing on my little slice of the internet. And so, I’m making a public resolution: for the next year until the end of my service in Paraguay, I resolve to post at least once a week. Every Sunday, you can expect a new post from me about my life in Paraguay, the projects I’m doing, or my experience through the Peace Corps. And if I post more than once a week- hurrah! The more the merrier.

But at the very least, I know I owe it to myself- and to everyone who reads this (thank you to those that do!) the details about my life down here. It’s part of my ‘third goal in the Peace Corps,’ as we call it (sharing our lives in our host countries to others). And, it’ll be pretty cool to read through all of it one day when I’m 80 (okay, who am I kidding? I’ll probably read it over and over again starting the day I leave the Peace Corps).

So there you go: I am holding myself accountable and taking a firmer commitment to my dear old brittanygoesglobal-sharing adventure. May they continue forever! Or at the very least, through the next year of this incredible journey.

Much love,

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