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Things To Do Before I Die
October 13, 2012, 7:40 pm
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Being in the Peace Corps forces you to be reflective about your life. So after reading the Bucket Lists of two people I find very inspiring- Amber Rae and Ryan Allis, both young and incredible entrepreneurs- I decided it was time to compile the various ones I’ve made over the years, streamline them, add a few more recent updates, and share it with the world. ‘My Bucket List‘ can now be found on the left-hand side of my blog under ‘Pages.’ I’m sure it will expand and/or change over the years- but I’ve also decided to share my current life goals via blog post! So here goes:

Things to do before I die:

– Get an MBA at a top business school

– See all 7 wonders of the world and step foot on all 7 continents (more info on those goals here)

– Be part of creating innovative businesses that solve solutions to critical global issues

– Be environmentally conscious, do my part as a consumer to reduce our carbon footprint, and share what I’ve learned with others

– Be part of the solution in alleviating global poverty

– Take one photo every day for a year to document my life

– Learn how to ride and maintain a motorcycle

– Get a tattoo

– Run a marathon

– Hike in Yosemite National Park

– Surround myself with passionate, intelligent, and driven people that love learning

– Do community service in every community I live in

– Dread my hair

Shave my head

– Have a Mohawk

– Get a dog from the pound

– Join the Peace Corps

– Give a TED talk

– Learn to surf

– Go on a road trip around the United States and Canada, and end in Alaska

– Live on the beach

– Meet the man of my dreams and be an incredible partner

– Take a year-long sabbatical and travel around the world

– Adopt at least one child

– Own a home

– Go sky diving

– Go bungee jumping

– Get certified in CPR and first aid

– Donate blood

– Donate my hair to Locks of Love

– Go to Armenia (read about my experience here)

– See the town my great grandmother was born in (read about my incredible experience here)

– Speak at least two foreign languages fluently

– Become a DIY master at house renovation/decorating pro (a la Young House Love, one of my favorite blogs)

– Write a novel

– Cut my own hair- and have it look good

– Hitchhike

– Get over my fear of spiders

– Learn some kind of martial art, boxing, or kickboxing

– Plant at least one tree every year

– Have a hammock be my bed

– Own a great, versatile pair of boots that go with anything and last forever

– Grow organic food

– Take a cooking class and learn how to cook simple and delicious food

– Learn how to play jazz piano and saxophone

– Become a master at Bikram Yoga

– Be a good dancer

– Own matching Indian ankle bracelets

– Become fully ambidextrous (I’m left-handed but can still write legibly with my right)

– Continue to travel all over the world, experience new cultures, and meet incredible people


Some of it’s random, some if it’s plain weird, and some of it makes no sense to anyone but myself: but there it is. My Bucket List.


What’s yours?

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So glad to see this! It looks like we share a lot of common goals. Keep living passionately!! – Ryan

Comment by Ryan Allis

Thank you Ryan! It would be a great honor to work on some of these common goals with you someday in the future. Thank you for being an inspiration! I love your blog.

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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Things To Do Before I Die | Change Yourself…Change The World.

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