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365 For My Year 25
March 12, 2013, 7:42 pm
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In honor of turning a quarter-century old, I have created a new blog! Yes, it’s an addiction- once you pop, the fun don’t stop. Or once you blog, the fun don’t… someone finish this rhyme for me.

Remember my bucket list, or the list of things to do before I die? Somewhere on that long index of life-long objectives is:

– Take one photo every day for a year to document my life.

In lieu of turning 25, living as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, and plans of many adventures to come after I finish my service, I decided this is the year to do it. I will always want to remember my Peace Corps experience forever- and since I haven’t been doing a great job of documenting it through photos, I thought this could be a great motivator for me to take pictures of my everyday life here that I will look back on with great fondness 50 years from now (or “man, I’m so glad I don’t have to wash my clothes in a bucket anymore.”) It will be the ultimate “I once walked 7 miles to school uphill both ways” yarn I can spin to my grandchildren, and I’ll have photos to prove it.

I actually tried (and spectacularly failed) to do this year-long project leading up to starting the Peace Corps when I was 22- but after 3 months of taking monotonous photos of my life in the United States everyday (I lived at home, jobless, for a few months waiting to start my service), I threw in the towel. This year, in order to keep up the motivation and dedication to the project, I created a photo Tumblr blog where I am posting one picture a day. So far it hasn’t been too boring yet- things in the Peace Corps are always interesting.

So without further ado– check out 365 For Year 25!

Already showcasing my Paraguayan life. I teach dogs how to play piano.

And don’t worry- this little blog won’t be going anywhere!


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