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June 14, 2014, 10:14 am
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Life in India has been less than picture-riffic on this blog about my past 10 months as a Clinton Fellow in Delhi. Then I realized that it is in most part due to purchasing an iPhone in December, which has drastically changed my life living abroad. With a fabulous little technological genie that I can use not just for calling people, but also for the internet or google maps, the whimsical amazingness of Whatsapp, and a million other applications, there’s been a world of a difference in how much simpler life has gotten in Delhi. However, as all of my friends will attest, the best part of my iPhone is the incredible camera. I have therefore become a complete Instagram addict over the past 6 months and completely forgotten about any other medium.

So please sit back, relax, and check out a few choice pictures of what life has been like in India from January-onwards.

Just another typical day riding my favorite form of transportation; the auto rickshaw.

My roommate and Clinton fellow Zain with “Didi,” our neighborly shopkeeper who always has Indian snacks, soft drinks, ice cream, parathas, chai, and fresh gossip. 

One of the many things I love about Delhi: street stalls.

My roommate Yu is an amazing cook. Here she is showing off her best creation yet: homemade Eggs Benedict. Yummmmmmmmm

Roommate and Clinton fellow Ana and I celebrating Holi together in mid-March, a festival of colors here in India.

My Dad and sister Siobhan arriving in India in April for a week-long trip!

Siobhan’s favorite part of the trip were the elephants.

One of the breath-taking hotels we stayed on our trip.

Visiting the Taj Mahal

Downtown Jaipur… incredible city.

A boat ride on the Ganges River at 6 AM, Varanasi.

Special fellows trip to Ashram Paryavaran Vidyalaya School in Uttarakhand. Here were are at sunrise after an hour of meditation.

Enjoying dinner with my Tibetan brother, Nawang, who lives a short 10-minute walk from me here in Delhi.

Me at work, doing what I usually do.

Enjoying the plethora of Indian snacks here in Delhi- this one is Rajori Chaat.

Delhi is a fabulous city with many interesting pockets. This particular area is Hauz Khas Village, a fun place full of shopping, restaurants, and night life. 

Group picture of the William J. Clinton fellows in Delhi 2013-2014- all fellows, all friends, all roommates (at one point or another), all family. 


Follow my Instagram for many, many more pictures of life in India! I have just started the 100 Happy Days Challenge, so look forward to frequent posts.

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Dear Brittany, Your blog remained in my “favorites” column, although I knew you had retired from blogging. What a wonderful surprise to see that you’ve picked up the blog again! I loved catching up with your life! A Clinton Fellow in India!!! Your story just keeps getting more impressive and fantastic. Thank you for taking up the blog again. You will always mean so much to Victoria, Peter and me. We’re all fine. V will be a senior this year and Peter a sophomore. We miss you and hope to see you someday soon!
Love Always, Laura Faraci

Comment by Laura Faraci

Hi Laura!! It is SO nice hearing from you! I often think about you, Peter, and Victoria and wonder how you’re all doing! I can’t BELIEVE Victoria is going to be a senior!!! I wish I visited LA so I could see you guys often!! Please give both her and Peter my love– you are all such amazing people and will always mean so much to me as well. If Victoria or Peter somehow makes it all the way to India, send them my way!!

Much love,

Comment by brittanygoesglobal

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