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Gratitude: Life in Mumbai.
November 4, 2014, 3:31 pm
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Updates fail me these days. It seems that the older you get, the faster life goes. But, as an attempt to chronicle my life on this more-forgotten-than-not corner of the Internet; it’s been four months later, and I have now found myself transitioned into a wholly new phase of my life, a phase which I envisioned and then extremely rarely, came straight to life with such minimal guidance that the stars must have been aligned.

A short seven months ago, as I turned 26 years old I felt blind-sided by a fundamental shift in priorities, a-la “It’s time to grow up, but just a little bit.” I turned into a narcissist Mark from Trainspotting- you know, at the end of the movie where he’s going on about washing machines, cars, compact disc players, a starter home? Choosing life and all of the things that come along with it? Though I wouldn’t give up the past 6 years of traveling like a nomad for all of the luxury in the world, continuing to live off of pennies on life-changing fellowships and experiences no longer seemed as appealing to me as it did when I was younger. I felt ready to transition into a more permanent position, to put down some deeper roots and stay put for awhile. I wouldn’t exactly call myself ready for a starter home, but being able to buy a refrigerator without emptying out my savings account seemed like a nice thought.

As soon as this thought visualized and came to form, the most incredible opportunity appeared out of complete thin air (literally, a few days after writing that blog post)- and even crazier, after a lengthy interview process of which I had never experienced before in my life (five interviews, four case studies- one of them four hours long), I was extended a job offer at one of the top (and most difficult to get into) organizations in the world for the field I’m in, with the most perfect learning opportunity I could ask for in this stage of my life. It was as if destiny reached down straight out of the sky, knocked on my door, and presented exactly what I had asked for on a silver platter; I clearly had no choice. I pinched myself about 1,000 times to make sure this was reality, said yes immediately, packed my bags, and moved straight to Mumbai.

The change has been very abrupt, a little too much so- leaving Delhi was much harder than I thought it would be, and settling into Mumbai has been more of a painful process- yet a mere seven months later I have even more than I envisioned in some of my more far-fetched dreams. I am living in an absolutely fabulous apartment in the heart of Bandra, weekends filled with social events and cultural immersion into a brand new city I’ve really come to love, week nights filled with “chilling at home” with my roommate and his parade of friends that often come over for drinks. For the first time in my life I’m able to live comfortably off of my salary and even save. My office culture is full of interesting, intelligent, and kind-hearted people who care about the work they do.  I find my work at times overwhelming, but challenging in a really great way; I’ve never grown more professionally than I have these past few months. I have a really flexible schedule that allows me to work remotely as needed, which is really nice. And the friendships I’ve made here in such a short span of time is pretty incredible.

Life is never 100% perfect- something will always be out of whack. I can’t say that every day is filled with gratitude or constant contentment. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race, to hear about what your friends or colleagues or family members are doing or to read about the latest gadget, and to always want more. It’s easy to let little, or sometimes not so little things in life influence your day or skew your perspective.

But oftentimes the most important moments in life are when we take a step back and recognize all of the wonderful things front of us. So my deep gratitude that I try to remind myself of every day is: seven months ago I visualized this next step in my life and what it is was that I truly wanted, and the dream came to life. It feels really good to say that for right now, this is more than enough.

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