Change Yourself…Change The World.


So now that I’ve been to quite a lot of countries, I’ve established some goals, or aspirations, that I hope to achieve through my travels.

Change Yourself: Travel Goals

Change The World: Professional Goals

About These Goals:

The title of this blog is “Change Yourself, Change the World.” I chose this theme because it is a reflection of the way in which I choose to live my life.

I don’t believe that changing yourself is easy; in fact, I think it’s one of the hardest things someone can do. But I welcome the challenge, and I greet the notion of putting myself into a difficult position. Traveling the world is an arduous task, and requires a lot of endurance, patience, creativity, and flexibility. It means meeting new people constantly, being in countless different contexts and situations, and examining many different cultural perspectives. When I travel, I am always learning, I am always changing, and I am always thinking about ways in which I can be better. This is why I love it. And I believe that if I can change myself: if I can change my own perspectives by experiencing so many others’, then I can harness a power that can ultimately change the world.

This blog is, in fullness, a winding journey that never stops. I’ve been lucky enough to find the right road blocks, and as I see my future slowly starting to take form, I’m excited about the endless possibilities that I have to make a difference. My Goals, which you can find above, are separated into two categories: ‘Change Yourself,’ which are my Travel Goals, and ‘Change the World,’ which are my professional goals that have materialized innately from my travels. Check them out above.

Much luck, love, and new perspectives,


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