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Country Number 29… Bahamas!
January 26, 2011, 1:20 pm
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Dear friends,

I’ve been really behind on updating about my life this past month. So here we go.

Christmas was amazing, as always. No matter where I travel to, I always end up home for Christmas with my family, where my Mom (or extended family, depending on the year) creates an amazing Christmas feast. Our house is always merrily decorated head to toe in Christmas ornamentation, with our yearly centerpiece as a minimum 10 foot tall healthy spruced up Christmas tree. You cannot escape the holiday music for even a second, and every day home seems to be a new Christmas activity: watching a Christmas movie, making cookies, gingerbread houses, wrapping presents- Yep, we Boroians do the Christmas holidays in style.

This year was even more special than the previous years, because for the first time in a long time, my family went on vacation! It was just me, my siblings, and my parents, and we went to the Bahamas. I had never been to the Bahamas before, so I was very excited to be visiting ‘Country Number 29.’ I have now been to 29 countries in the past 3 years. Pretty nuts, huh?

Our trip to the Bahamas was not like other countries I’ve traveled to, however. There was no meandering around the streets of Nassau, the capital; no tasting of local delicacies, or visiting popular monuments, or plopping down on a stoop to strike up conversation with the locals. This was purely a ‘vacation’- which means that for five days, we stayed at The Atlantis, the most popular getaway in the Bahamas. It was a five gloriously lazy days full of water slides, volleyball, tropical drinks choked with alcohol, leisurely dinners, and at night the casino. I can’t say that I really got a glimpse of the local culture in the Bahamas, but I still had a great time.

As always, I’ve managed to capture some pictures of our five blissful days in the Bahamas. Enjoy!