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Layover in Qatar!
October 23, 2010, 11:47 am
Filed under: Germany, Qatar, Russia

Dear friends,

I am currently writing to you from the wonderfully air-conditioned and free wi-fi airport terminal in Doha, Qatar, in transit to my flight to Bangkok, Thailand. I always love it when I get to a country I’ve never been to before (or even planned!), even if it’s in the airport terminal. I know there’s not a lot you can tell about Qatar in the airport, but I really wish I had pushed my flight to Bangkok back a day and just explored Doha. Ah, well.

A quick question I wanted to pose: does it count that I’ve ‘been’ to Qatar if I’m in transit in the airport terminal? For me, it’s a yes. Regardless whether it’s stamped on my passport or not, I am certainly ‘in’ the country. I may not experience the sights or the culture, but I have still actually physically been there, have I not? In the same sense, I’ve also ‘been’ to Russia and Germany with layovers. It certainly feels to me as if I have been to these countries, because I am physically in it.

Still though, that’s no fun- saying I’ve ‘been’ to Qatar certainly makes all of my traveling sound cheap if I continue with ‘…but only in the airport terminal.’ I can’t say that I’ve experienced anything about Qatar, but I still feel as if I’ve actually been here.

Speaking of which, this may be a cool opportunity to see if I can maybe change my flight details back through my round trip to Nairobi, to see if I can stay a day here to explore.

Anyway- flight boards in 15 minutes to Bangkok. I am so excited to be heading back to Asia.

Much love,