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March 16, 2009, 10:17 pm
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This is originally from my previous facebook group ‘Brittany Goes Global,’ (wanna know how I got the blog name? ;)) in which I sent messages to friends about my travels with Global College’s CRC Program through Taiwan, Thailand, India, and Turkey. This post was not originally associated with this blog, but I have put it up here in the correct date. As you can see, my writing is not quite up to par with what it is now 🙂 But I thought you readers would still find it informative and entertaining.

Hello Friends! I am sitting on an internet cafe in the notorious pahar ganj in Delhi, fresh off of sitting on an airplane on the ground for three hours from Nepal. I think Nepal was trying to tell me a message: DON’T LEAVE: Which I wish I could gladly obey, because I had one of the most fun weeks of my life.
First off, Nepal is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen. And I’m definitely going on a huge limb here by saying this, but I love it even more than India. India is like Nepal on steroids. Nepal is essentially a chilled out India, with amazing mountains and clean(er) air. If you ever go to Nepal, make sure that you fly in when it’s light outside, because the views of the mountains from the airplane are breathtaking. As soon as I touched ground in Nepal, I knew I was going to love it.
I met up with a really awesome guy in Nepal named Rinzin, who I had first accidentally met through Facebook last July. I basically spent the past week in Kathmandu zipping around the city on the back of his motorcycle, checking out Tibetan settlements, Tibetan stupas, Tibetan monasteries, and basically everything you can find that’s Tibetan in Nepal. It was such a good experience for me- reintegrating my life back into the language, the music, the dancing, the religion- has been a majorly wonderful thing this week. And the top it off, the last two days we drove around the countryside- Life doesn’t get better than that.

But friends, this is the most heartbreaking thing about traveling; all good things WILL come to an end, because you are constantly moving on. I’ve had to say goodbye to one of my best friends Mira, I’ve had to leave my Tibetan family in Dharamsala, and while I had the most amazing time in Nepal it has become bittersweet, because what was a wonderful beginning to a new country was abruptly cut off with the impending doom of the end of spring break. It seems like I leave little pieces of my heart around the world wherever I go; one small part of it remains in a coffee shop in Taiwan, one at Chai’s bar in Thailand, a big chunk hovers in Dharamsala, and now a piece has broken off and resides on the back of a hero honda motorcycle in Nepal.

Nepal, I promise I will be back someday. Probably to live. And buy a motorcycle, and ride around Kathmandu all day, every day.
So as previously stated, I am back with my ex-lover, India, and we embraced a bit roughly but we’re getting along okay. Tomorrow is my last day in India until I don’t know when the next time will be, and while that makes me incredibly sad, I am also ending it with the bang- I’m going to the Taj Mahal tomorrow, one of the seven wonders of the world. And then friends-I leave for Turkey. And I get to see one of my best friends, Max. And we will travel to Harput, the town my great grandmother was born in. And that will be amazing in itself.

Much love,

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