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What is going on in Bangladesh???
June 20, 2009, 3:31 pm
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This day has by far been the most unprepared I have ever been while traveling.

A) I had a flight from Kathmandu to Delhi, and Delhi to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I had approximately 20 minutes to change connections. The plane was delayed half an hour.
B) I did not have a boarding pass for my connecting flight, which meant that I would need to go through customs again, which would take another 20 minutes
C) There is only one flight a day from Delhi to Dhaka.

Guess who miraculously made it to Dhaka in the sweetest time crunch ever?

D) I had no idea what the name of the hotel I was staying at was.
E) I had no Thaka currency (Bangladesh money)
F) I had no money left to convert from USD to thaka, and I was told there were no ATMs in Dhaka.
G) I know absolutely no one in Bangladesh.

Guess who is chilling at the hotel after arguing down the cab ride to half the price, with plenty of money withdrawn, and a whole bunch of new friends that I randomly went out to dinner with?

The Grameen Bank internship… the way other interns describe their experiences are a…bit on the negative side… I start work tomorrow. I hope that I will do something productive with this month, and learn a lot.
It is so strange to think about where I was last night versus where I am now. Last night I was at a bar chilling out and smoking hookah with some Nepali friends. Tonight I was at a jazz restaurant in Bangladesh with seven new people I just met. Did all seven of us squeeze into a tiny taxi for the 40 minute ride home? Yes.

While Nepal is a more chilled-out India, I would say Bangladesh is like India on LSD. Excuse me for this random nonsensical post, as I am pretty much feeling like someone has slipped me some kind of drug right now… maybe it is because I woke up at 5:30 AM this morning thinking that there was no way I would find myself here, in this hotel, in Bangladesh by this time, and here I am- I have whole-heartedly jumped headfirst into the next phase of my life- Bangladesh, Grameen Bank, micro financing. Adjusting to my life is not an option.

Much love,

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