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Grameen Solutions
June 23, 2009, 10:07 am
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Since I am posting every day now about Grameen Bank, I may as well continue.

Today I met with Grameen Capital Management, a Grameen Sister company that connects micro-finance institutions with capital markets. It goes along with Muhammad Yunus’s idea that poor people should have the right to have access to capitol markets, just as well as rich people do. I went in with three other interns- two of them economics majors, and one of them an accounting major. Pretty much everything that was talked about went over my head- stock dividends, debt-to-equity ratio, under-writing, discretionay and non-discretionay accounts- but I was really interested to hear about these terms and how they are applied to Grameen Bank. More and more I am realizing that having passion for poverty alleviation poverty is great- and that is the first step- but if you REALLY want to make a difference on a wide scale, you need to have a well-formulated plan, with lots of experience backing it up.  Everyone that works at Grameen Bank is very passionate about poverty alleviation and they have joined because they want to help people- but before that, they were statistics teachers, investors, business executives, economics professors- and they are all using their back round experience to help lift the world out of poverty.

I have always wanted to take economics and business classes, but I have never had the opportunity with the schools I have gone to. Grameen Bank is my opportunity to learn all of these terms, and how they apply to poverty alleviation. It is the best education I could ever ask for.

I got my internship with Grameen Solutions, a sister company that promotes technological advances in the most rural areas of the world. I can’t wait to start working with them July 1st. For now, I am having a truly fantastic and amazing experience in Bangladesh and I know that I will continue to for the rest of the time that I am here. I am so happy.

Much love,


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