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Paraguayan Culture
October 5, 2009, 11:04 am
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Now that the initial reactions of culture shock have started to fade, I am really starting to appreciate this place. Paraguayan culture doesn’t jump out at you like so many other countries I’ve been to- it is subtle, and quiet, and beautiful. This is the biggest difference I’ve seen between Asia and Latin/South America- in Asia everything is right in your face the moment you arrive. In South and Latin America, you have to go looking for it.

My Pakistani roommate (how ironic is it that I have a friend from Paraguay that is Asian. On Saturday night we made Chana Masala and Bhale, a kind of Tibetan bread. India, anyone?) and I have been bonding a lot, and on Saturday we went to the mall near our house. I always love going to malls from different countries. The mall in Dhaka, Bangladesh is massive, the Alameda Mall in Panama City is the nicest mall I’ve ever been to, and the Mariscal Lopez Mall in Paraguay is actually small and quite quaint, but a riot just the same. I have now seen the punk scene in Paraguay. I didn’t know that it was possible for a punk scene in such a small country to exist, but there you go. After browsing through a South American themed Hot Topic and watching all of the kids with their slicked back black-dyed hair and emo glasses, I decided that this country is really not so incredibly different from ours. Well, not so incredibly different, except everything is very cheap here, which is nice. I bought Sex and the City- Season 5 dubbed in Spanish for 12 dollars. Not too bad, plus it helps me work on my Spanish.

My internship also seems to be going swimmingly well. Right now I am working with the Kiva section of Fundación Paraguaya, which is turning out to be really interesting. I’m starting to get ready for an influx of information. Very different micro-finance institution from Grameen Bank. I like it.

Anyway I should get out there and start getting ready for the day.

Much love,


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