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November 10, 2010, 11:04 pm
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Dear friends,

Bali has continued to be a lovely dream, full of delicious foods, warm weather, greenery farther than the eye can see, special time with my Mama- and a visit from my Aunt Jodi!

My Mom and Aunt Jodi

Aunt Jodi lives in Australia, so I barely ever get to see her- in fact, I’ve only seen her once in the United States, when she came for a celebration of her father’s passing. Previously, I’ve only really known Aunt Jodi through the beautiful jewelry she makes that she graciously sends us for special occasions. For my high school graduation, I got an absolutely stunning handmade necklace from her that I wear all of the time.

So it was a really special treat to spend so much wonderful time with her, but even more of a treat because she brought along some of her amazing jewelry! I thought it would be worthwhile showcasing some pictures on here, since they are so beautiful.

Mom and Aunt Jodi with some of her jewelry

The artist


One of Aunt Jodi’s bracelets

One of her necklace designs

Stunning earrings

For more jewelry, visit Roselight Designs.

P.S. In case you’re ever looking for a creative ballet dancer in Australia- also try Jodi Wintz-Rose. She comes from the best line of dancers, I guarantee that!

Much love,


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What a wonderful blogfeast and tribute to our darling, talented and most creative, Jodi Rose. When I grow up if I develop a lifestyle that accepts males wearing jewelry as festive as Jodi’s I will know where to buy my bangles, baubles and beads.
Love ya. GB

Comment by GB AND MUZZY

Oops! I’m actlaluy a New Yorker, though I did live in B’more for four years during college. Thanks so much for the mention!

Comment by Riza

wow! those red earings are so cool!

Comment by katie boroian

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